About Us

New England Ice Solutions began with customers asking Greg Greene, a custom home builder and remodeler in Newburyport, MA, for a solution to their ice dam problems. Greg, with his knowledge of home construction, knew there wasn’t one easy solution like more insulation in your attic.

So Greg searched for a solution that would work regardless of the underlying house and roof structure, and found the technology now used in all of New England Ice Solutions designs. He installed a few systems starting in 2005, and realized he couldn’t develop the ice dam prevention business without impacting his construction business.

So Greg has built a team of installers throughout New England. He personally trains each team on all aspects of the installation, from working on a roof, to the unique requirements for each of the ice dam prevention materials.

When you fill out our form, call or email us, you can expect to get a call back from Greg, Barry or one of our other team members as we’re growing so quickly, we added team members so we could respond to your inquiries quickly.

We also think you want to know that we’re using our products for our homes, so here’s the proof!