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You’re here so we know you don’t want ice dams!


The question then is …
What is the best ice dam prevention system for your house or other buildings?

There are a lot of factors that go into this decision — the size of your house, roof style and surrounding trees that block sunlight, weather patterns for your home’s location and of course budget. That’s why we’ve created four ice dam prevention solutions, to make your research and decision easier.


It’s a lot like buying a car. You know you want a Chevrolet Spark, Toyota Corolla, Lexus or maybe a Tesla. Picking the best ice dam prevention system is a bit more complicated.

There aren’t many homeowners who understand how a roof is built, or how landscaping affects your home’s exterior. And the right solution for your house might be different than your neighbor, because houses are stick-built and sit on different lots, where they’re exposed to very different weather patterns.

Which ice dam prevention solution is right for you?


You may already know which package you want. If you choose to dig a little deeper, we’ve got more detailed comparisons below for each solution. And if you want even more detail with photos, we’ve got a page that outlines what each solution delivers (coming soon).

Preventing Ice Dams with Roof Panels

Ice dams are caused when snow melts on your roof, and the water freezes before it has a chance to roll off your roof. So our solutions include a combination of “panels” to deliver heat that will prevent ice from forming.


And if you have gutters, you also want to make sure that the water running off the roof, is able to flow through the gutters and downspouts without freezing along the way.


Electricity for Your Ice Dam Prevention Solution

Of course it only works when there’s electricity flowing through the cables, heating up the surrounding metal parts. Here are the different controllers offered for each solution, with the economy solution turned on when you plug it in.


And equally important is knowing that everyone installing your ice dam prevention systems is trained and licensed where required.


Here’s what will happen after you contact us:

  • We’ll email you asking for details about your house plus photos. We do this to get prepared for our first phone call (optional) with you.
  • We’ll provide you with a comparative estimate showing you the difference in solution and cost, based on the information you’ve provided.
  • After you’ve received your comparative estimate, we can schedule an on-site visit, and show you samples of the various materials we use.

Our goal is to provide you with the best ice dam prevention estimate for your home and budget, so your home is protected from the damage caused by ice dams.