Emergency Ice Dam Remediation System

Ice dams causing hazards? Ice dams causing interior damage?

New England Ice Solutions is proud to offer a temporary ice dam remediation system that doesn’t damage your roof, and is adaptable to any type and shape of roof.

Get Rid Of Ice Dam Problems For The Rest Of The Winter!Get the ice and water off your roof so it doesn't go into your home
  • EIDS System Side Roof Image

    Side Roof View Of Emergency Ice Dam Remediation System
  • EIDR System Top Down Roof View

    Top Down Roof View Of Emergency Ice Dam Remediation System
  • EIDR System Front of House View

    Front Of House View Of Emergency Ice Dam Remediation System

The Emergency Ice Dam Remediation system is designed as a temporary solution that can save your home from structural and water damage and potential mold issues.  In the Spring, we can design a permanent ice dam system that will save you time, money and your home!

  • Our goal is to be to your home within 24 hours
  • System immediately installed for remainder of the winter
  • Remediates immediate problems
  • Lessens the possibiltiy of water penetration as result of ice dams
  • Simple 110v system; GFCI
  • Keep the roof clear of water for the rest of winter
  • No thermostat – stays at 40 to 50 degrees; UL approved
  • Clips on to shingles; no damage to roof
  • Can be customized for commercial use
  • Call for pricing – as little as $500 with purchase of an ice dam system, installed next spring
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