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For many homeowners, your home is your biggest investment. That’s why you’re researching ways to prevent ice dam problems because they can in a matter of days, damage your home’s roof and the water that gets inside your home can require extensive repairs.

In many ways, our ice dam prevention system is like homeowner’s insurance. You want assurance that you’re protected when you get extremely large amounts of snow on your roof. We think our solution is superior to insurance because we focus on preventing the problem from occurring, where insurance only helps to defray the cost of repairs. You’ve still got to live through the problem, deal with insurance adjusters and then contractors who will ultimately make the needed repairs.

Benefits of an Ice Dam Prevention System

Our lives are busy, and our homes should be a safe retreat from the world around us. When you get home at night, you want to relax and enjoy your family. You don’t want to deal with shoveling snow, or worse, calling contractors to get estimates to make repairs to your home’s interior due to a roof leak.

With our ice dam prevention solution, you get the following benefits, all of which provide you with peace of mind.

    • Schedule flexibility – means you don’t have to check on the weather at home while traveling for business, or spending winters in a warmer climate.
    • Automated operations – like other automated home features, you only have to turn your system on in the fall, and off in the spring. The automated controller runs the system for you.
    • Energy efficiency – means your system only runs when the temperature drops below 38 degrees, so as the weather fluctuate. You’re only using electricity when there’s a chance of ice dams forming.
    • Safety for family and guests – means you won’t have those beautiful icicles hanging from your roof. They’re lovely to look at but can easily hurt someone when they fall. A bigger safety concern is that hidden moisture in your attic, ceiling or walls can support the growth of mold, creating an unsafe environment for your family.
    • No repairs due to leaks from ice dams – will save you an enormous amount of time, as it’s not a trivial exercise to get the right repairs done, and the insurance company to pay for them. You can read more about this on our blog, Staggering Ice Dam Insurance Claims.
    • Investment protection – for your house means your roof, from the exterior shingles down to the roof deck below, will last longer and save you from having to replace it prematurely. We offer a 3-year guarantee on materials and labor, so you know the system works.

    Designing and Installing your system


    Each ice dam prevention system we install is unique. We work with you to understand where you’re having ice dam problems, and we design a solution that addresses these problem areas with a cost-effective solution.

    You also don’t have to install the entire ice dam system at once. You can start with the side of your home with the biggest problem. You’ll want to design the entire system up front, to make sure you put the electrical box and controller in the best location. Then you can prioritize which section of roofing to do first, or in this example, the homeowners in Weston, MA put on this addition and wanted it protected with the same ice dam prevention system on the rest of the house.

    The solution is easy. Here are the steps involved in protecting your home from future ice dams:

    1. You provide us with photos and information describing the areas where you have ice dams.
    2. We provide you with an estimate for the solution based on a design to prevent your ice dams.
    3. With a deposit, we schedule your installation based on getting materials shipped, and availability of one of our install teams.
    4. Our team comes to your home to install your ice dam prevention system. While there, they’ll explain the design and how all the components fit together for an integrated solution.
    5. Once installed we show you how to operate the automatic controller to turn your system on and off.

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