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Ice Dam Prevention Solutions

Ice Dams can happen to any of us.  They are not particular about which houses they appear on.  Even the most well-constructed, well insulated and ventilated roofs can get ice dams. Albeit rare. When we use the term prevention, we are really talking about reducing or minimizing the impact of ice dams if they do occur.

Different Approaches to Ice Dams

Ice dam prevention can fall into a few broad categories; DIY, home maintenance or installed solutions. Installed solutions involve modifications to your home in the areas that are contributing to the causes of ice dams. DIY and home maintenance involve manual work to minimize the impact of unwanted roof and gutter ice accumulations. Be sure to understand each concept before deciding what’s best for your home.

DIY Solution

The very most basic thing you can do to minimize the likelihood of ice dams is roof shoveling. Diligently removing the snow from your roof can greatly reduce the likelihood of ice dams. Unfortunately, some roofs are too high or have areas inaccessible to the average homeowner, making roof snow removal an ineffective approach to guaranteed ice dam prevention. Removing all the snow from the roof planes affected by the ice dams is very important.

Basic Home Maintenance Prevention

A very standard ice dam prevention project might involve enhancing or replacing the insulation in the attic or roof system, adding ventilation and sealing all the air-leaks between the heated spaces and the attic and roof framing.  Sometimes it is necessary to alter the roofing system itself.

Certain ice dam creation factors cannot be addressed through solutions such as this. Sometimes mother nature factors in.  It could be as simple as part of your roof gets sun and the rest doesn’t, so it melts in the sun and freezes in the shade.  This is a prime reason you should talk to someone about what makes sense for your home before making changes.

Installed Solutions

There are installed solutions that we offer that can ensure that ice dams are taken care of. Each ice dam prevention system we install is unique. We design and install the Ice Blaster Edge Melt System (EMS), which is engineered to minimize the formation of ice dams and icicles along the eaves and valleys of your roof. There are different product profiles for different parts of the roof, and your options also vary based on projected snow accumulation.  We work with you to understand where you’re having ice dam problems, and we design a solution that addresses these problem areas with a cost-effective solution. You also don’t have to install the entire ice dam system at once. You can start with the side of your home with the biggest problem. You’ll want to design the entire system up front, to make sure you put the electrical box and controller in the best location. What is the best ice dam prevention system for your house or other buildings?