Ice Melt Installation & Warranties

Ice Melt Installation

New England Ice Solutions handles ice melt installation throughout New England, and have flexible warranties to fit any budget. Installation is not as easy as it may look. The first challenge is getting all the materials and the installation crew to the job site and at times that can be daunting … and then we’ve got to coordinate with a local electrician, licensed by state (except our economy solution which the homeowner can plug into an exterior outlet).


The ice melt installation crews are all trained by the owner, Greg Greene. They must have construction experience with an emphasis on exterior work, so they’re comfortable on tall ladders. Every job has it’s unique challenges — for the one pictured above, it wasn’t easy figuring out how to secure the ladders on the deck without leaving any marks. There are quality checks during/after the work is completed to insure we maintain our commitment to each homeowner.


Ice Melt Installation Warranties

We don’t control the weather … although we’d love that if we could. So our warranties focus on labor which is warrantied by New England Ice Solutions, with longer warranty periods based on the solution you purchase.

Once we complete your install, we register your solution with our suppliers to protect both of us. The number of years each material is warranted for is listed in the table above, with the following commitment. Please make sure to continue reading below, to understand what is not covered.

“GSB Services LLC warrants to you, the purchaser, that the products covered by these warranties will be free from defects due to faulty materials or workmanship and that, under normal use and maintenance, the painted finishes will not crack or peel. This material warranty is limited to the exclusions, limitations, conditions, requirements, and legal rights in this warranty.”


What is Not Covered by Your Warranty

Warranty of your installation is covered by New England Ice Solutions. We only use, and therefore the material warranty only covers genuine products from GSB Services, under the following brand names. You will receive a more comprehensive warranty document when the installation is complete, and payment received in full … and it’s critical for your solution to be registered within 30 days of the installation being completed.

  • IceBlaster – cables and aluminum panels (base extrusion and cover panels)
  • VersaScreen – gutter leaf guard material
  • ECO – digital controllers

GSB’s material warranty does not cover the following items.

  • Damage of any kind resulting from faulty or improper installation;
  • Changes to surface color resulting from chalking, fading, soiling, or staining. Exposure
    to the elements may cause these changes over time. The degree to which weathering
    occurs will vary depending on air quality, the building’s location, and other conditions
    over which we have no control;
  • Distortion of the property structure, accidental damage, impact of foreign objects;
  • Airborne stains, mold and mildew accumulation, surface deterioration due to air
    pollution, harmful chemicals;
  • Acts of God;
  • Warping or distortion due to exposure to excessive heat sources;
  • Products that have been painted or whose surface has been altered in any way;
  • Any other causes beyond our reasonable control.
  • Your failure to perform routine required maintenance for removal of debris lying on
    the top of the VersaScreen Gutter Protection and/or IceBlaster product.
  • Damage by animals or others