Snow Removal

Remember The Winter Before Last?

After Lots of Phone Calls, You Got Someone to Clean Off Your Roof. 

BUT You Had to Wait 2 Weeks & Pay a Ridiculous Amount!gray-bar-a4whocbefore-shoveling-snow-off-roof-newbury-neis1200-1024x683

Don’t Wait for the Snow. Put Your Plan in Place Today!


Our Roof Snow Removal Service is Your Solution!


New England Ice Solutions has been installing ice dam prevention systems for more than 10 years. We now offer snow removal services for all of Greater New England, as our roofs can only sustain a certain amount of weight. We don’t want you to have to worry about who’s going to shovel the snow off your roof. With our snow removal contract, you won’t need to make endless phone calls or worry about what you’ll have to pay.

We give you a price before the snow arrives and put you on our list of houses we take care for the entire winter season. When your neighbors are calling for help, you can can relax knowing the snow will be shoveled off your roof before there are problems. Done on time, so you don’t have to worry!

How Our Roof Snow Removal Service Works

Our service is similar to driveway plowing. We agree up front on when you want your roof cleaned off and how much it will cost. We don’t wait for the snow to fall, with a contract that covers the entire winter season for a agreed to price.

  1. We learn what your home needs, and review your roof.
  2. We give you an estimate based on snow depths, e.g. removing 10 inches of snow will cost more than 6 inches.
  3. You sign a One Winter Season contract for your snow removal services ($250 of the contact gets applied to the first snow removal).
  4. We automatically remove the snow from your roof at a predetermined level, to keep your home safe.
  5. We send you a photo of your roof after the snow has been removed, documenting the job.


Let’s talk! Complete this form or call: (877)-705-1356.

Service currently available between Newburyport and Newton, MA (excluding Boston).