Melting Icicles: The Unexpected Saboteur

As the snow melts, revealing patches of earth and melting icicles, you may get a feeling that the troubles of Winter are passing. Then again, as you know, Spring can be a fickle season, often warm one day and freezing cold the next.  This creates the perfect situation for icicles and snow to melt on your roof causing the terrible ice dams that can cause injuries and hurt you in the pocket as well.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), one in every 55 insured homes has a claim related to water damage or freezing every year. Lawsuits are another nightmare along with insurance claims that factor into the consideration of implementing ice dam solutions for your home and business.

Spring can be the unexpected saboteur with added water damage from the thaw which can result in a dangerous buildup of mold and rot. You may not even be aware of the existing damage found deep within your home or business for weeks or months!

Handling ice dams on your own can cause further damage and can in fact, be a fatal mistake. Luckily many policies for homeowners insurance provide the type of coverage needed for ice and water damage. But why wait and increase your premiums and risk endangering people around your home or business. It’s the responsibility of the homeowner and the business owner to ensure preventative measures to avoid these disasters.

It’s not too late in the season to have a trusted professional install an ice dam solution. It’s wise to act on this now and not only be prepared for this season, but for the long-term preparations for next Winter. Remember, signs of Spring are not limited to daffodils and birds nesting, but also ice damns in gutters and roofs!

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