Top 5 Ice Dam Myths

Top 5 Ice Dam Myths

ice dam myths

Ice Dam Myth #1: Melted Snow Will Run Right Off My Roof.

FALSE. Temperatures matter in the structure of your roof. It’s a common misconception that people think that if their attic is warmer, that they don’t have to worry about this issue. The truth of the matter is that some places on your roof will be colder. Metal structures such as gutters can get even colder. When the melted snow reaches the overhang, the water can freeze again.

Ice Dam Myth #2: Solar Heat Does Not Cause The Formation Of Ice Dams.

FALSE. Heat generated by the sun greatly effects the formation of ice dams by melting the snow on top of your roof. There is little you can do to prevent the Sun from creating this problem. Even adding more insulation to the attic or ventilating the area will not prevent the ice dam from forming.

Ice Dam Myth #3: Ventilated Roofs Prevent Ice Dams.

FALSE. Ventilation is no doubt beneficial in circulating air to reduce moisture levels and to keep it feeling fresh. Factors such as the slop of your roof and air leaks. Ice dams still may form even with well-designed ventilation systems.

Ice Dam Myth #4: All I Need Is Heat Cables.

FALSE. Historically, heating cables were designed to prevent gutters from forming ice. However, they have little effect in the actual formation of ice dams. In colder climates, these cables are ineffective with heavy snow.

ice Dam Myth #5: Ice Dam Solutions Will Prevent Ice Dams Forever

FALSE. Though Ice Dam Solutions greatly increases the chance to prevent most all ice dams, uncommon weather conditions may overwhelm preventative measures.


Prevent Ice Dams Before They Happen!

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